Episcopalianism and the Bodily Assumption of Mary

I am not a Roman Catholic, but I have been taken captive by the sweetness and glory of the dogma of the bodily assumption of Mary. Of course, the way I would formulate it might not align completely with the teachings of Holy Mother Church, because I am viewing this through an Episcopalian/Protestant lens. The way I keep framing it in my head is, “The Lord Jesus Christ loves His mother perfectly and, accordingly, spared her the pain of death and she is now in perfect conformity with Christ in Heaven.”

It is sickening and revolting that many Protestants deny the bodily assumption of Mary and accuse her, groundlessly, of having sinned. The more I think about Catholic teachings, the more perfect and seamless the Church seems. What’s wrong with the veneration of saints anyway? Aren’t saints believers and therefore incorporated into the Mystical Body of Christ? If we pray to the Body of Christ aren’t we praying to Christ Himself? Why WOULDN’T we pray to saints whom the Church has correctly and properly acknowledged as glorified members of the Body of Christ? What flaw can there be in Catholic teaching? I don’t see any. AVE MARIA MATER DEI

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